Friday, June 29, 2018

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The trainee who becomes a hot topic because of her visual in the preview of Produce 48's first group battle evaluation

Wang Yi Ren
So freaking pretty..

-She looks like Irene..

-I know right, she's so f*cking pretty..

-Even her stage outfit looks so pretty..

-She's the prettiest trainee in Produce 48..

-Oh.. She really does give off 'Irene' vibes..

-She resembles Chao Lu..

-Whoa, she's so pretty.. Is she Chinese..?

-She's so pretty, but her Korean is a little bit worse than what I thought..ㅠㅠ

-I can see Kyulkyung in her..

-King Yi Ren.. (Wang means King in Korean)

-Jung Gyuri, Wang Yi Ren, and Lee Gaeun are seriously no joke..

-I didn't think she was that pretty at first but then I watched this video and realized how shining she is on stage, I was very shocked..

-Seems like people are voting her based on her visual.. Judging by how she still manages to rank really high even though Mnet barely gives her any screen time..