Thursday, December 21, 2017

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The pearl aqua moon seen from inside a plane

-This is seriously so cool.. Why today out of the other days.. It makes me wonder if it's Jonghyun..

-Seems like Jonghyun arrived safely in heaven..

-Ah.. Really.. I'm taking this as a sign that Jonghyun has arrived safely there..

-Hul.. Did this really happen? I saw another picture earlier but I thought it was just an edited picture..

-Whoa, so cool.. Jonghyun shines so bright even in the heaven..

-I'm taking this as a sign that Jonghyun is in a better place and full of happiness right now..

-I would take this as a greeting from Jonghyun from heaven, he's signing us that he's fine there..

-Seems like the Shawols in heaven are very happy to welcome Jonghyun.. See, he's receiving a lot of love even up there in the sky..

-Seems like Jonghyun has arrived safely in heaven.. Thank you so much, Jonghyun, for signing it to us..

-Thank you, Jonghyun.. For telling us that you have arrived safely there..

-My heart is in peace now..

-A pearl aqua moon..? That's so cool, I've never heard of it before..

-Ah.. I feel like tearing up again now..

-I don't know what to do, Jonghyun-ah.. You can rest comfortably there now, Kim Jonghyun..

-Why am I tearing up right now..?

-I'm tearing up, Jonghyun-ah.. You have to be happy now.. Our Jonghyun, rest comfortably there, okay?

-Jonghyun-ah, rest comfortably there.. You've worked hard.. You did well..

-Okay.. Goodbye, Jonghyun..