Monday, December 18, 2017

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Gangnam Police Station confirmed Jonghyun's death.. Still investigating more about the case

-Please tell me this is just a dream.. I just listened to his song this afternoon..

-Thank you. I will never forget your voice. Please rest comfortably and happily there. May he rest in peace.

-No way.. I'm not believing this..

-I mean, this doesn't make any sense.. Why would he..?

-Thank you so much for all the good songs.. I hope you can rest comfortably in heaven now, may you rest in peace..

-Let this be a dream.. Please..

-Please tell me it's just a lie..

-I just can't believe this..

-I still can't believe this but.. His songs help a lot to comfort me during my hard times.. May he rest in peace..

-His sister reported to the police at 4.42 and yet he was found collapsed in his apartment at 6.. It's suspicious.. It took them an hour and half to arrive at his apartment, why did it take so long? Anyway, may he rest in peace.. I think I would always be reminded of him whenever I see snow.. His voice was beautiful..

-Jonghyun's songs often put me in peace and comfort me during hardships.. May he rest in peace..

-Please don't go.. Please..

-Can't someone just tell me that this is just a lie? It feels like a lie to me.. What do I do..

-This is not true..? Am I right..? I can't believe this, Jonghyun-ah..ㅠㅠ

-I don't want to believe this..

-My heart aches so bad.. I wish it was not true..