Saturday, October 21, 2017


The change of Tzuyu's eyebrows

Like Ooh Ahh
Her eyebrows were brown, short and straight

Cheer Up
Her eyebrows were still straight, but a little bit longer

Her eyebrows started to get thicker and darker

Knock Knock
They became even thicker and darker

Her eyebrows looked better this era

And her current eyebrows..
Looks like she had them tattooed on, it looks darker and slightly curved this time


-The very first eyebrows were the best.. What's up with the make up artist..

-Whoa.. It all looked strange, but her eyebrows during Cheer Up looked better than the rest..

-The very first one were her best eyebrows, the second one would be her eyebrows during 'Signal' era..

-What's wrong with the make up team, if only we could turn back the time.. Just look at Like Ooh Ahh era, the girls' hairstyles were all very pretty..

-Her eyebrows looked the best during Like Ooh Ahh and Cheer Up..

-The second one suited her the most..

-Her eyebrows during Cheer Up were the best.. It were thin and had a slight curve on the end..

-I personally think her eyebrows looked the best during Like Ooh Ahh era..

-Now that I look at this post, I realized that her worst eyebrows were during Knock Knock era.. It only looked good because it's on Tzuyu's faceㅠㅠ

-Her eyebrows during Like Ooh Ahh era are my favorite.. Why are they drawing her eyebrows strangely like thatㅠㅠ

-She looks beautiful regardless her eyebrows style..

-What are they doing to her eyebrows..

-Can't they just draw her eyebrows like how they used to draw them during Like Ooh Ahh and Cheer Up era?ㅠㅠ

-I don't know.. F*ck.. She's so f*cking pretty, it's driving me crazy..

-Am I the only one who thinks her current eyebrows are actually quite fine..?

-Her eyebrows during Cheer Up looked natural and pretty..

-I can see Fan Bing Bing in her..