Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The girl groups who have won #1 and has no member change at all up until this second

(Excluding the ones that have disbanded)

Brown Eyed Girls 
(Debuted on 02/03/2006)

(Debuted on 19/06/2014)

(Debuted on 28/08/2014)

(Debuted on 16/01/2015)

(Debuted on 20/10/2015)

Black Pink
(Debuted on 08/08/2016)

-Besides BEG, most of them are still considered rookies and new in the industry..

-Lovelyz has won #1 too.. Please add them to this list..


-Didn't BEG have some change before..?

-BEG has changed their overall members before.. There are a lot of people who don't know this..

-I remember one of Lovelyz's members was absent in their debut promotions.. Isn't that also considered as a member change? Just like Red Velvet?

-Doesn't BEG have the 'graduation' system in their group..? The current members are the 4th generation of the group, if I'm not wrong..


-What are you talking about.. BEG has gone through a lot of member change..

-I love you BEG..ㅠㅠ

-There would be still not a lot of groups that can be listed in this post even if we include the disbanded ones.. There are only Sistar and 4Minute, who else?

-Black Pink just debuted last year.. It will be weird if they already have a member change in just one year after their debut..

-It will be weirder if they already have any member changes that soon..