Thursday, August 3, 2017

The best charms and talent vs the best visual

To you who dream of being an idol,
which one would you prefer to have if God can only give you one among those options?

-#2.. With great visuals, I can shoot a lot of CFs and become a superstar..

-#1.. Idols need talent for them to survive in the industry for a really long time..

-#2.. I think I would be able to live my life as a happy commoner even if I flop as an idol..

-#1.. But my bias is actually #2, and it's very upsetting to hear people calling them worse than commoners..ㅠㅠ

-#1.. I can go get some work done on my face..

-#2.. With great visuals, I can be both actress and idols. Unlike the first option..

-You can be anything you want as long as you're pretty..

-#1.. A singer needs to have a singing skills..

-#1.. Because I prefer idols who have talents and charms..

-#2 is a better option for me, because I can start my career as an actress with my looks, sooner or later..

-#1.. I just can't bring myself to like an idol if they don't have the talent..

-#2.. I want to know how it feels like to live like Tzuyu..

-#2.. We're talking about idols here..

-#2.. For celebrities, especially idols, being good-looking is also considered as a talent..

-#2.. It takes a beautiful face to last on the industry for a really really long time..

-#1, if I were a male idol. #2, if I were a female idol.

-#1.. I'm really jealous of people who are talented and charming..