Thursday, August 3, 2017

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Oh My Girl's Yooa is rude



1. [+182][-55] I can't believe posts like this, you're cutting out the GIF from the full video and don't give any explanation about the whole situation. People like you usually are just trying to make up things. I'm not going to believe this before I know the truth. 

2. [+159][-28] But if she pushed the chair and it hit the other member, wouldn't she be able to feel that? And if she really got hit, then she would absolutely scream and the other members would notice it.

3. [+120][-54] Hm..? Yooa is the one with white cardigan, right? It's very obvious in the GIF that she just pushed the chair and she didn't know that other girl fell because of her since she was turning her back.. Maybe she was just thinking, 'Ah.. She probably was sitting on the floor' or something like that.. Why are you making such a big fuss out of nothing? You're seriously very cruel.

4. [+84][-14] The position of someone who falls down and actually wants to sit on the floor is different, you can obviously see that she fell because of Yooa.. On top of that, she only took a glance of her member who fell during a broadcast, that doesn't look very good in my eyes. The other members were like 'Oh.. What's going on?' when they saw that other girl on the floor, though.. Anyway, it's not a very nice sight to look at..

5. [+80][-15] She discovered Binnie on the floor and patted her head while smiling.