Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let's share the most legendary gifs of our biases

My bias is Irene from Red Velvet, and this is the most legendary gif of her in my opinion
The ending scene of Red Velvet's performance in Music Bank 160909ㅠㅠ
She looks stunning in that gif..
Guys, please share the most legendary gifs of your biases in the comment section!


1. [+204][-37] Bangs can turn someone into a whole different person..

2. [+183][-34] Oh Sehun playing with his puppy

3. [+167][-33] Ming-ssuk

4. [+131][-18] I've watched this gif for 50000times

5. [+119][-19] Kyungsoo playing with my mind

6. [+103][-20] You can't not mention about this gif if you're talking about Park Chanyeol..

7. [+84][-15] Let's not forget this, 160919 Infinity Challenge Kim Minseok

8. [+83][-16] Baby Hyun era..

9. [+81][-37] Kya~~

10. [+77][-15] Sehun Water-Don'tCry