Thursday, August 3, 2017


Park Bom, "I want to clear the misunderstandings.. I didn't do that" Sincere confession

-What does she mean by 'that'?

-Drugs..? Is that what she's talking about?

-If that's true, she must've felt unfair all this time.. But why did she kept on being quiet? I'm just curious..

-Is she saying that she didn't do drugs?

-There's nothing wrong with listening her side.. We need to listen to both parties whenever there's a problem..

-But she smuggled it, and isn't it also considered as a crime?

-Why did the reporter write the title like that..? 


-I don't know the details of this problem but if it's really a misunderstanding then I hope it can be solved quickly..

-Just end the misunderstandings by explaining it by yourself, Unnie..

-Hmm.. What is she talking about..?

-But isn't it the truth that she smuggled it to Korea..?

-Even though if she really didn't do it, she still smuggled it to Korea and I'm really disappointed..

-Smuggling it to Korea was wrong, but she didn't do drugs so..

-She must've felt really unfair, then..

-I miss seeing her singing on stage..ㅠㅠ