Sunday, June 4, 2017


Let's play a game, upvote/downvote this if you '..'

Ok, starting from me.

Upvote if you like your current class at school.
Downvote if you hate your current class at school.


1. [+1515][-115] Upvote if you have ever felt left out by your friends, downvote if your relationships with your friends and people around you never stresses you out. 

2. [+1482][-238] Upvote if you're single, downvote if you're in a relationship

3. [+1319][-154] Upvote if you're feeling sad because Sistar is going to disband soon, downvote if you're not

4. [+613][-169] Upvote if you're bare faced now, downvote if you have makeup on your face right now.

5. [+485][-179] (When you order food with sauce) Upvote if you pour the sauce all over the food, downvote if you dip the food into the sauce.

6. [+446][-340] Upvote if you wear glasses, downvote if you don't

7. [+415][-442] Upvote if you've watched Goblin, downvote if you haven't

8. [+409][-23] Upvote if you've ever talked bad behind your friends's back, downvote if you never do that

9. [+409][-385] Upvote if you're in high school, downvote if you're in middle school

10. [+387][-385] Upvote if you watch PD101, downvote if you don't

11. [+261][-260] Upvote if you have a dream, downvote if you don't have any

12. [+235][-243] Upvote if you have double eyelids, downvote if you have monolids