Monday, October 17, 2016


A 7 years old song that suddenly skyrockets to top 100 today

is Beast's debut song, Bad Girl. The song was released on 16 October 2010.

Beast's latest song that already got out of chart, Ribbon, also ranked in top 100 since 12AM.

Congratulations on your 7th Anniversary, Beast!

+) The current chart (1AM)

-Whoa.. That's amazing..

-Whoa.. That's so cool!!

-Beast, let's go for a long time<3

-Hul.. I used to listen to that song a lot..

-I love you, guysㅠㅠ Let's go for a long time!

-I'm tearing up right nowㅠㅠ

-This makes me miss them more than I'm supposed toㅠㅠ

-Bad Girl is my favorite song ever.. Beast, have strength!<3

-My hands are sweating right nowㅠㅠ Let's go for a long time, Beast!

-We did it!ㅠㅠㅠ Let's go for a long time, Beast.. 

-Beast is the best.. It's really nice to listen to their debut song after all of this time..

-Beast, let's go for a long timeㅠㅠ And thankt to non-fans who helped us to bring their song back to the chatㅠㅠ

-I thought it would be really hard to bring Bad Girl back to the chart, but we did itㅠㅠ

-I'm so proud of you Beast..

-I'm.. choking on my tearsㅠㅠ

-I believe in Beast..

-This song brings me a lot of good memoriesㅠㅠ I used to sing this song everytime I go to karaoke with my friends.. I can't believe that's a 7 years old song..

-I never imagined to see the oldest song (Bad Girl) and the maknae song (Ribbon) are together in the same chartㅠㅠ

-*bites fist and tries hard not to cry*

-Let's go for a long time.. I love you so much..


-I hope things will turn out well for them in the future!!