Monday, September 12, 2016

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The typical stan attractor (male idols ver.)

Bigbang's GDragon, 29 years old, 11 years into his debut

SHINee's Onew, 28 years old, 9 years into his debut

Beast's Yoseob, 28 years old, 8 years into his debut

Infinite's Sunggyu, 28 years old, 7 years into his debut

Block B's Taeil, 27 years old, 6 years into his debut

B1A4's Sandeul, 25 years old, 6 years into his debut

BAP's Youngjae, 24 years old, 5 years into his debut

BTOB's Lee Changsub, 26 years old, 5 years into his debut

Exo's Baekhyun, 25 years old, 5 years into his debut

BTS' Jimin, 22 years old, 4 years into his debut

Seventeen's Hoshi, 21 years old, 2 years into his debut

NCT's Renjun, 17 years old, 1 year into his debut

These 12 male idols are the typical stan attractors in my opinion!
Well, each individuals might have different preferences of opinions..
I ranked it based on their debut year, I also put their ages beside their names..
The first idol and the last idol here have 12 years of age difference.. And their debuts are 10 years apart..
But mostly, all of the male idols in this list look younger than their actual ages..
I don't know about Renjun since he's still a rookie, but the rest of the list are popular for being skillful and talented! All of them have their own charms..
What do you think?


1. [+191][-22] Who would have thought that this is the face of someone who's going to serve in military service soon? It feels like it was just yesterday when we celebrated his 25th birthday.. The only thing that has changed after all of these years are my aging face and his vocal skills which is getting better and betterㅠ

2. [+183][-15] I've been liking TwoSeob since 4 years agoㅠㅠ Melodies.. you like this combination as well, right? Their chemistries on stage when they sing together is seriously no joke.. I wanted to put a picture of them together but I couldn't find any so I just took some screencaptures from their duet video and edited it like this..

3. [+178][-36] The most legendary gif of Baekhyun being a stan attractor..

4. [+49][-8] Come back safely, Jungleㅜㅜ You're still a baby in my eyes eventhough you try hard to look like a tough man by trying to grow a muscle, boxing, etc.ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+42][-9] Houshi

6. [+36][-8] He's indeed a stan attractor.. Especially on this day..

7. [+35][-5] Seob-ah, you're so cute..

8. [+33][-9] Soonyoung

9. [+31][-8] I'm dying because of you.. Kwon Sooyoung..

10. [+31][-5] So cute..