Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm going to audition for SMTM next year

I will not be able to attend school for some period, right? Recommend me a good rapper name


1. [+275][-8] My friend reccomended this, use MC Bada (means 'Sea' in Korean) to diss MC SanE (sounds like 'mountain' in Korean)

2. [+260][-2] Rapper Pan-E

3. [+164][-0] Etan MC.. That's right, it's Nate spelled backwards..

4. [+144][-3] Choiga (최강가슴: Big Chest)

5. [+103][-0] M.Cbal (sounds like 'F*ck' in Korean)

6. [+57][-0] MC Sacky

7. [+40][-3] What about MC FTGY? It's YGTF spelled backwards, and it's fgty in capslock.. It might sounds random and meaningless, but actually.. you're right it actually has no meanings..

8. [+39][-0] MCM

9. [+18][-0] MC Milky<3

10. [+15][-0] Fe! With hope that you can participate in SMTM with a strong, iron-like mentality..