Friday, September 2, 2016

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BTS' Rap Monster dissed Girls Generation in one of his predebut track.

'All those rappers who act sassy thought they would be getting A, but all of them doesn't deserve more than DDD. Common hook songs like gee gee gee, baby baby baby baby.'

-I have to listen to this song..

-?? For real?? Whoa..

-Hmm.. I don't think he means to offend SNSD but I don't feel really nice when I saw this..

-I.. can't tell if he's actually dissing SNSD or not..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I think he doesn't mean to diss SNSD, he's just giving an example of 'common hook songs'..

-Hmm? I think he doesn't mean to diss SNSD too.. He's just dissing those rappers with repeated lyrics in their songs? And he just uses 'Gee' as an example of common hook songs..

-I haven't even listened to the song but judging by the lyrics, he doesn't mean to diss SNSD for having a 'common hook song', but he's dissing those rappers with 'common hook song'!

-Isn't he just giving an example of a popular common hook song?

-I don't think he's dissing SNSD though..

-Hul..? When did this song come out..?

-Dissing rappers with hook songs (O) Dissing SNSD (X)

-Hul.. Did he really have to use 'Gee' as example?ㅋㅋㅋ

-Even if he actually means to diss rappers with hook songs, did he really have to use Gee as the example? Can't he just say that he doesn't like hook songs?

-That's.. a diss.. He's dissing SNSD..

-He's just using 'Gee' as one of the example but of course.. SNSD's fans can get offended because of this..

-I don't care if he doesn't mean to diss SNSD or not, I feel offended as a SNSD's fan..

-Leaving the fact that he's trying to diss another musician, he should learn how to write lyrics properly first..
  -Wow.. You're a little bit too harsh..

-I think he's just using 'Gee' to rhyme it with that 'DDD' though??

-It's possible for SNSD's fans to get mad or misunderstand him because of this, though..