Thursday, June 30, 2016


The winner of the Chinese version of Produce 101

Gong Seola (Hongkong)
Her English name is Kong (콩)
She's as '96liner
She trained for 3 years in JYP and left the company on 2014.
After she left, JYP did a survival audition called 'Sixteen'
and she revealed on her Weibo that she actually regrets her decision to leave JYP.
She's really close with Tzuyu.

-I can see Hyuna, Suzy, and Nayeon in her...

-Whoa.. I stared at her pictures for some second to admire her beauty..

-She looks like the young version of Hyuna..

-So pretty..

-She looks like Nayeon..

-I hope things will turn out well for her..<3

-She resembles Kim Sarang, for me..

-She looks like Suzy when I first saw her, but now she looks like Sohye in my eyes..

-Maybe if she didn't leave JYP, she would have debuted with Twice by now..

-She looks like a mixture of Sohye and Hong Jinyoung..

-She looks like a Japanese..

-Amazing.. If she also participated in Sixteen, the crowds will be crazy for her and she would have debuted with Twice..

-What did she eat to become that pretty..

-She looks like a Korean.. But she actually comes from Hongkong, right?