Thursday, June 30, 2016


Gugudan's stage in Show Champion is shocking..

I watched Show Champion today and I was really shocked when I saw Gugudan's stage..
I never thought they were going to use those vinyl things as their stage outfits..
They can train for another year and debut with a better quality, why did they rush and debut them in that condition.. I can't bear to open my eyes when their stage was on..
I just realized how pretty CLC is after seeing Gugudan..
Especially after seeing Eunbin, it feels like my heart is back in peace..
Jellyfish should reflect on this..
They ruined Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina's image just to achieve this kind of concept..
There's no killing part in the song, the choreography is so-so, and their stage outfits.. are you in the 90s now?
I hope they will end this promotion soon and come back with a better concept..


1. [+165][-2] Other fandoms have no exit but their fandom doesn't even have any entrance..

2. [+98][-2] It's a little bit.. you know.. to call that an MV.. What's with those vinyl outfits, water, and fog?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's weird enough but the choreography is the weirdest.. They should fire the one who made that choreography as soon as they can..

3. [+42][-31] Sejeong-ah..

4. [+39][-0] Pledis Girlz, Gugudan, DIA.. They're all the same afterall.. They're not even a big company and just because one or two of their trainees participated in Produce101 they're competing to debut groups..

5. [+34][-2] What is this haepari (Jellyfish) doingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Starting from their name, Gugudan, is already weird.. And the concept is just worse.. If they're going to have a mermaid concept then they should have it in a classy way.. It must be hard for them to wear those vinyl outfits..

6. [+30][-0] Please cut Sejeong's hair.. I don't know if that is just an extension or a wig or it's really her hair but it looks weird and dirty.. And also that part where they spread their legs and do a body-wave, is just.. so-so..

7. [+25][-0] I was flustered when I saw their MV.. We're not even in 90s anymore, it looks so countrified and old-fashioned.. They gave VIXX a good concept, why can't they give Gugudan a good concept as well?

8. [+23][-1] Their choreography shocks me the most.. And they look like they're not that young but they do winks and hearts a lot..

9. [+19][-26] Gugudan is not that ugly and weirdㅠㅠ I like them..

10. [+19][-1] They wore that in their MV?? Jellyfish, what are you doing..