Sunday, June 12, 2016


The visual of Kim Yoojung's sister left netizen in awe

She's so pretty..ㄷㄷㄷ

-Whoa.. She's really pretty..

-They look like each other..

-They look like each other and are very pretty..

-Everyone in her family seems to be good-looking.. Her older brother is so handsome as well..

-She looks like Twice's Nayeon..

-She looks so lovely..

-Are you talking about actress Kim Yoojung? They look similar..

-Whoa.. So pretty..

-Whoa.. The genes..

-She looks like Twice's Leader..

-She looks like Suga too much...

-Her Unnie looks like an actress as well.. So pretty..

-She looks like the mixture of Twice's Nayeon and actress..? Lee Seyoung! She's really pretty..

-Their genes are so excellent..

-She has similar vibes with Lovelyz's Ryu Sujeong!

-I can see a little bit of Goo Hara in her..

-I expected a lot of people will say she looks like Sooyoung but no one thinks so.. She really looks like GG's Sooyoung, though!

-Whoa.. She's just an average citizen but her visual...