Sunday, June 12, 2016

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A female idol who doesn't look good with short hair

-Well.. She looks prettier with long hair but she still looks good with short hair..

-Whoa.. She really looks pretty in the last picture..

-Pardon? She looks fine, though?

-She looks good with short hair but she looks way much prettier with long hair! It's just my opinion!!

-I personally think she looks better with short hair..

-She looked so pretty when she cut her hair short at first, but she cut it shorter a while ago..

-Hani is the best but long hair suits her more.. She once tied her hair during Ah Yeah promotions and I thought she was a goddess..

-I personally think she still looks good now..

-Her fringes though..

-She looks so freaking good with short hair, though?

-She looks better with short hair.. Her long hair looks so stuffy..

-I even thought to cut my hair short after seeing Hani cut her hair.. She's pretty~

-Why.. She looks goodㅠㅠ

-I think her current hair suits her the best.. I don't know if it's pretty or not..

-She became prettier after cutting her hair short..