Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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JYP (Park Jinyoung) got rejected from SM?

The thought of being successful if he joins agency who suits him.
'I also became like(?) this because I got rejected from SM'
1:1 Audition with Lee Sooman, JYP got rejected.
The past who made him who he is now.

1. [+412][-10] SM also judges from visual..

2. [+34][-2] He's the type of person who will drop out and make his own bussiness..

3. [+32][-7] Isn't this a famous story? He got rejected but Lee Sooman really liked 'Don't Leave Me' and asked if JYP sell that song and he only said 'I dont sell it~' as he held in his tears. They still talk about this when they meet.

4. [+24][-2] Hyorin, Hani, IU, Song Jieun, CL, etc.. he has lost a lot of successful singers. Well, there's no guarantee they'll get popular if they debut in JYP.

5. [+9][-1] If he was in SM all he's doing right now would be just producing songs, he wouldn't be able to be a singer for a long time right now.