Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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2NE1 Park Bom updates her SNS

'Hello<3 I'm back~ Everyone~ Hayi has grown a lot..OMG..*^^* Our Hayi Fighting!!! As expected My Star which was written by Teddy~<3 The song is so good<3 #LEEHI #LEEHIMYSTAR #SEOULITE.

1. [+305][-19] Look at her face.. She'll be able to shoot a Horror Movie if she removes her makeup.

2. [+265][-18] Your nose is a mess, why would you mind supporting someone else now..

3. [+20][-3] She's so f*cking shameless

4. [+18][-4] Why is she doing things as if nothing ever happened before..

5. [+14][-4] Is this the right time to support for Lee Hi? Just apologize to Gong Minzy, she couldn't do any activities because of you. How long has she suffered..

6. [+13][-6] I guess not everyone can be a celebrity