Wednesday, April 20, 2016


A male trainee who got sponsored

Usually the one who got many sponsors are actresses or girl groups member,
but some male trainees or boy groups also have sponsors.
To a male trainee who doesn't have any time to do part-time job, it's really hard to reject a sponsor offer.
'At first, she really gave me allowance. 80,000W, 10,000W, 20,000W, she gave me money'
'I'll give you a large amount of money' She once said that and gave me 1,000,000W
I was very flustered and kept asking 'Am I supposed to accept this? Shall I accept this?'
And she said, 'Just accept it what I give you. I know you need a lot of money right now'
After 4 months, she started saying stuffs like 'I'm lonely right now. Do you want to come over?'
And I answered 'But you have a husband' and she said her husband went on a bussiness trip, so he wouldn't be home that day.
She wants that kind of skinship, on the other days she would ask me to stay and be with her for the whole day.
She really asked for it bravely by saying 'I'm so lonely, please come over'.
I personally think this is not it, I accepted the money but this is wrong.
I think that I should pay her back after I suceeded, so I told her to stop contacting me.
But she threatened me, she said 'I already gave you all of these, and now you're betraying me?'
I didn't know anything back then, but I really think this is wrong, I'm going crazy.
Everyone around me also told me to just accept it, they said things like 'Just accept it, she's offering you a sponsor' Now I already received around 20,000,000W~30,000,000W
 Right now I don't have any left money, and I don't have any work to do.
So all that's left is only the debt from that sponsor.


1. [+56][-0] He received 30,000,000W and already used it all? He must like free things and all that's left now is only debt.

2. [+48][-2] Those people who accept it are the one who's troublesome

3. [+46][-0] There's nothing free in this world

4. [+17][-0] No one would give out money for no reason..

5. [+1][-1] I thought only old men would do this.. But some old women do this as well, I guess they also have this sexual desire for younger men.