Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How did Jung Joonyoung turn into a monster?

1. [+133][-1] He doesn't even feel guilty.. He must be a psychopath..

2. [+75][-2] In the first scandal, it didn't take him long to come back to the industry.. I was wondering how could the statement the woman gave out was different, but I was sure he must be feeling really embarrassed and really wanted to die deep inside his heart.. Bullshit, he was the one who filmed the video and he was also the one who distributed itã…‹ How could such lunatic person exist..

3. [+61][-0] Isn't he the trashiest celebrity in South Korea..? I really don't want to cuss him, but I can't..

4. [+32][-0] He has become the nation's trash now..

5. [+29][-8] His parents once made an appearance when 2D1N visited Jeju Island, they seem to be really kind.. How could their son be like this, tsk..

6. [+17][-1] I'm sure this bastard doesn't even reflect on his wrong-doings.. He must be thinking, 'If it wasn't for Seungri, I wouldn't have gotten caught. This bastard..' 

7. [+10][-0] He didn't turn into a monster.. He was already a monster since the very beginning!!