Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Seungri is Seungri, but there are bigger things going on

Only the summary

1. Before the late Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide, the ex-CEO of her company called an acquaintance to kill her

2. Her case is being re-investigated, but the statute of limitations for the case is coming up this March. There's not enough time. They appealed for a time extension, but it was not granted

3. She was in the same company with other 3 celebrities who committed suicide (UNee, Jung Dabin, Choi Jinsil). All of them committed suicide in 4 years in a row. 

4. The case of Lee Myung-bak's son and others doing drugs was buried because of her case

5. There's a high possibility that the mastermind of this all is 'Shim Madam'

6. The detective who investigated this case in 2010 passed away all out of sudden

7. Re-investigation has always been possible to do, but police officers always delay it

8. That's why Detective Lee started to write a petition, but it was halted
(The district Detective Lee worked for was the same district that started all of the Burning Sun controversy, some people think these cases are somehow related)

9. Jang Ja Yeon passed away in 2009, and at the exactly same time there were suddenly a lot of celebrities getting caught using drugs. And 10 years later when the case is brought up again, it's getting buried again by other celebrities scandals

-If this is really what happened, it's really terrible.. It's like, there's a whole another world exists..

-I really hope this case doesn't get buried anymore..

-That's very horrible.. I hope the truth will be exposed..

-Ah.. I'm seriously getting goosebumps..

-I don't know who to trust.. This is horrible..

-Shim Madam.. I wonder who that woman is..

-This is really horrible and disgusting.. I think I'm gonna throw up..

-Whoa.. But I somehow have a feeling this case will not be finished again this time..

-Can I share this on Twitter..?
  ㄴYes, the writer said she want a lot of people to know this..

-This shouldn't get buried..ㅠㅠㅠ

-Is our country the only dirty country in this whole world..?