Wednesday, March 13, 2019

FNC had no idea that Choi Jonghoon did drunk-driving and asked for a cover up from police

Choi Jonghoon didn't tell his company because he thought as celebrity, his face wasn't well known by the public, and he was terrified. 


-FNC is slow at giving feed-backs, and even when they do it's really bad..

-I can't believe he said he thought his face wasn't well known by the public??ㅋㅋㅋ How long has FT Island in the industry.. Choi Jonghoon was quite popular back then. What a nice excuse he has there..

-His company is just as amazing as him..

-I'm sure they're going to change their words again tomorrow..

-What's up with him.. He literally denies everything..

-Why halt..? Remove him from the band and the company..

-Well if they didn't know, it means they're stupid. But if they knew, it means that they're criminals. It's better to be stupid..

-FNC is in a big trouble now..

-Apologize to the public for threatening to take legal actions..

-Both FNC and YG are trashy companies..