Thursday, January 24, 2019

Would you rather get free Starbucks or free McDonalds for 10 years?

-10 years of free Starbucks, I can have my burger from Burger King..

-Well, I usually go to Burger King, so..

-Starbucks with no doubt! I don't eat McDonald's..

-I love Starbucks but I can't give up McDonald's..

-Starbucks because I don't like burgers..

-I work part time in McDonald's, I'm really sick and tired of seeing burgers so I'm gonna choose Starbucks..

-McDonald's.. I've never gone to Starbucks in my entire life..

-McDonald's.. Since I don't really drink coffee and McDonald's also have McCoffee..

-Am I the only one who chooses McDonald's..? I don't really go too Starbucks, I mean.. There are a lot of other cafes out there..

-Starbucks.. It's been quite a long time since the last time I went to McDonald's..

-McDonald's! You can have both meal and dessert in McDonald's..

-It's okay, since I prefer Burger King more..