Sunday, April 15, 2018


VIXX just dropped a teaser for their MV in which they hold guns and wear gas masks

This comeback is the combination of legendary song, legendary styling, and also legendary high-quality MV.. They're such geniuses when it comes to concepts..

They also even has the 'smelling dance' which suits the title of their upcoming song, Scentist!
They're going to have their comeback with Scentist on April 17th!
Please show them your support, I have a feeling they're going to hit big again with this comeback.


1. [+90][-6] I think the concepts that VIXX are going with are always outstanding, and on top of that the quality of their songs are always excellent and the members also take part in producing the songs. I noticed that their side tracks are mostly produced by their own members.. I personally hope they would get more well-known by now. Their stylists are always working hard and since all of the 6 members are tall, it's very pleasing to see. They look handsome and have this model aura in theirselves and for talent, I don't think I need to explain more about that.. I really hope they would get more public recognition with this song..

2. [+81][-5] Sexy adult..

3. [+70][-4] The teaser is so freaking cool.. They're driving me crazy..

4. [+39][-1] I totally agree about the concept.. VIXX is the epitome of concept-dol..

5. [+35][-0] Look at the piano..ㄷㄷ

6. [+31][-0] Look at these perfume bottles..

7. [+25][-0] Sexy..

8. [+25][-0] Their concept this time is seriously driving me insane..

9. [+23][-0] As expected from VIXX.. No one can beat them when it comes to concepts.. I'm really looking forward to their comeback..

10. [+20][-0] They're going to have their comeback on the 17th! Please show them a lot of support!