Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Son Naeun today

She attended an event while wearing a set of black suit.
All she did was dressed as the dress-code that the event acquired, but how does she manage to shine so bright in the middle of that?

She can't hide her beauty even when she tries toㄷㄷ

All pictures above were taken by the press.


1. [+65][-17] Beautiful women will always look beautiful even when they wear simple outfit..

2. [+59][-24] She really does look beautiful in a classy way..

3. [+57][-14] She's so gorgeous.. It's not easy to look amazing in a plain black suit, though..

4. [+33][-1] Her ability to look beautiful in suits is so amazing..

5. [+24][-12] It's so strange how all of Apink's members' faces are slightly changing now.. Naeun's eyes look so different, they look sharper than how they used to look..

6. [+22][-2] Naeun is originally pretty, but she becomes prettier because of the fact that she has never involved in any controversies or scandals even when she's already working in this industry for a long time..

7. [+19][-0] Whoa, she looks so beautiful.. My goals..

8. [+19][-0] She looks elegant..

9. [+15][-2] I personally think she's the prettiest member in Apink, not only her face but she also has  a beautiful body..

10. [+13][-1] Totally agree.. Just look at how beautiful she looks even in the press-taken pictures..