Sunday, April 15, 2018

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Kim Jaehwan,,,?


1. [+151][-58] I personally think he's the most handsome member when seen in person.. And there are a lot of people who became his fans because of his cute cheeks.. You're just picking some bad pictures of him and trying to get him some hate..

2. [+121][-24] I became his fans because of his chubby cheeks, though?? Don't you think he's just so cute?ㅎㅎ

3. [+101][-24] What's the problem??

4. [+77][-61] He looks like how average men in Korea looks like, though.. What's so wrong with that?

5. [+44][-6] ========Just ignore this post========

6. [+40][-6] I love his chubby cheeks! And people say that Jaehwan looks so much more handsome in person.. Stop hating my baby based on those badly taken pictures..

7. [+33][-8] I love Kim Jaehwan so much

8. [+28][-8] Our boiled dumpling is so freaking cuteㅜㅜ