Saturday, February 17, 2018


Now that we're witnessing BTS becomes a superstar, I wonder what these guys are up to

(1. Dante asked Jin and Suga to dance, but they refused because they had no time to dance and Dante ended up sulking.
2. Dante kept on looking for water gun the whole time
3. Dante refused to wear apron and said that he won't be helping Jin and Suga to cook. Suga felt so frustated that he walked away. 
4. Dante got mad because there were no chicken doll and hit Jin)

No, this is not the concept or scripted. He really didn't appear in the show after this scene..ㄷㄷ
He's a rapper who got invited to the show to tutor BTS, but he kept acting up and in the end he just left the show.

BTS had to do a performance while cooking in front of Coolio, the famous rapper. 
But Coolio pushed off the plate and said that he would rather eat a dog than the food that (RM and V) madeㄷㄷ
This ajusshi even punished V like how they do in the military.

But then, since a year ago Coolio started to mention BTS more often on his tweets.
What about Dante? I wonder what is he up to these days..ㄷㄷ

-Dante literally threw that doll in front of Jin's face.. I'm seriously curious about what he is up to now.. I wonder what was on their mind when they saw BTS on Billboard Awards and AMAS..

-The boys really went through a lot..

-It's been a long time since I saw that Dante guy..

-I still can't watch that episode up until this second.. It's just very upsetting to see..

-Jin is so amazing.. If I was him, I would've swear in front of Dante right away..

-Hul.. Jin seems to have a really nice personality, judging by how he kept calm and endured it all..

-Jin is such a nice guy..

-I started to see Jin in a new light after watching this show.. He might looks like a baby but he's actually very mature.. Aside from these foreign rappers, I'm also curious about how B-Free is doing these days..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Dante is such a jerk and for Coolio, I don't hate him that much...

-So you're saying that this wasn't scripted at all??


-That Dante guy is such a bastard.. The same goes to Coolio and B-Free..

-Hul, crazy.. So what happened to Jin x Suga's team?

-Crazy.. I feel bad for the boys..

-What the hell is wrong with them?? Didn't they get paid for appearing on this show?? They're so rude and not professional at all, I hate them so freaking much

-Hul.. I remember watching this show after randomly changing the channels, I had no idea it was BTS.. Unbelievable..

-Dante, you son of a b*tch..