Thursday, January 4, 2018


The part of Prison Playbook that gets the worst reactions from viewers

The main character's love line.


-Hul.. I like it, though..?

-I just feel like.. I'm not curious about the love line at all..

-Who's the girl..?

-They're lacking of chemistry.. I feel like watching an uncle with his niece..

-They don't look good together..

-I can't feel the chemistry between them..

-The chemistry between them is lower than zero..

-They should've paired him with a woman in 30s.. How could there be a chemistry between woman who's in her early 20s and a man who's in mid-30s.. That was beyond out of reach..

-Yeah.. Not to mention that the song that's always played whenever their scene comes together sounds so cheesy..

-You can feel the lack of the chemistry just by looking at the picture.. They just look like siblings to me..

-All of love lines in Prison Playbook are boring..

-I seriously thought Krystal was his sister at first..

-But still, this is the best love line out of all the other love lines in the drama..

-I don't watch the drama, and they just look like siblings based on that picture..

-They don't suit each other.. The age difference is too obvious..

-I usually do the other things when the love line scenes come up..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I didn't even know there was a love line in this drama..