Thursday, January 4, 2018

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4Minute's disbandment was a result of one-sided decision

'Why did the group decide to disband?'
'Hm.. The main reason was because our contracts have already expired, this was way before we started to think about separating ways. It was very hectic.. Actually, we felt like we're disbanding because of the articles, too. We have never thought about disbanding, but since the articles surfaced that way, we just naturally thought.. 'Ah.. So this is how it has become now' and I think we just wrapped up everything then'

일방적으로 당한 포미닛 해체 | 인스티즈
'You must be feeling really sorry towards your fans'
'Oh Gosh.. I can't even talk about it, because I feel too guilty for disbanding out of sudden, without any warning..'


-Hul.. Seriously, Cube??

-4Minute was the first and also will be the last girl group I have ever stanned..

-Yeah, this is what kind of company Cube really is.. I recommend Seonho and Guan Lin to escape from Cube as soon as possible..

-It hurts my heart to see them disbanding, especially since they were the first girl group I have ever stanned. Girls, I love you so much. Let's become successful no matter which paths you choose. I love you, 4Minute..

-Cube is really the worst..

-There's no right answer for Cube, seriously..

-My heart hurts so much.. Four girls, four gems that we should never forget..

-Cube, you shouldn't do things this way..ㅠㅠ I really hope all of 4Minute's members become really successful until the point that Cube regret for letting them go..

-I wish all of 4Minute's members a good luck..

-No, I will never forget 4Minute..ㅠㅠ