Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Which was the most iconic (ex) maknae-line in their groups?

1. Sulli-Krystal

2. Sohee-Hyuna-Sunmi

-#2.. Whoa.. How was it possible for those three to be in the same group..

-Honestly, Sohee-Hyuna-Sunmi promoted together for only one song..ㅋㅋ

-#1.. Sohee, Hyuna, and Sunmi promoted together for a really short time..

-If you're talking about my personal preferences when it comes to visual then I would choose #1.. But if you're talking about the impact or the influence then it's #2..

-#2.. Sohee, Hyuna, and Sunmi made a really great line-up despite the short time they had to promote together in one group..

-#1.. The second line up don't look like they were in the same group..

-#2.. Nothing can beat Wonder Girls' '92lines..

-#2.. I still can't believe that line-up once existed for real..

-For visuals, I would choose #1.. But for chemistry, I would choose #2..

-#2.. Even after Hyuna left..

-#2.. Even though I liked #1 more..