Sunday, September 3, 2017


The recent whereabouts of DIA


-Ugh.. Kwangsoo..

-Crazy.. I thought that was just an edited picture, I didn't expect it to be real..

-Whoa.. They're crazy.. How could they send a girl group to place like this..?

-The girls must be really upset..

-Kwangsoo, have you lost your mind?

-FYI, Jung Chaeyeon wasn't there..?

-Chaeyeon was shooting for 2 Days 1 Night..

-Is that a night club..?

-Kwangsoo, you crazy jerk..

-As expected from Kwangsoo..


-Huk.. What the heck is that place..?

-I heard the person who owns this place is a close relative of Kwangsoo's..

-Where the hell is that??

-That place is owned by Kwangsoo's friend, from what I heard..