Sunday, July 23, 2017


Why do users in this site treat Twice like that??

I got goosebumps when I saw the amount of the downvotes in every posts praising about Twice's visuals..

Twice is really popular in real life, though..
There are a lot of people who think that Twice's members are very pretty..
Just ask any men around you whether if they think Twice is pretty or not, you will get answers like 'Why would you ask such an obvious thing..?'

Judging from the posts here in Pann. Most people think that having a lot of fangirls is a big advantage to girl groups, since most of the fanboys don't bother spending money on them and that most of their income come from fangirls.
But it's different for Twice, most of their income comes from their fanboys..

Or maybe it's just the difference in taste between men and women?

And honestly, I'm not really into idols but I started to pay attention to Twice lately.. I have a feeling I'm going to join their fandom soon..

I'm going to post some gifs in the comment section for you all to save


1. [+61][-6] 33

2. [+55][-31] The fate of a top star..

3. [+51][-8] 45

4. [+47][-12] 42

5. [+41][-8] This site is full of SM Stans.. It's much more worse in Instiz..

6. [+32][-3] Mina is.. seriously really beautiful;; She's just.. very very beautiful..

7. [+29][-21] Each people have their own opinions.. It's possible that some people don't find Twice's members are pretty.. There are some people who don't find that Kim Taehee, Song Hyekyo, Han Gain, Jun Jihyun, etc are pretty.. Do all of people have to think that Twice's members are pretty?

8. [+28][-1] 24

9. [+24][-1] I'm a boy group stan, but I have to admit that Twice's members are beautifulㅋㅋ

10. [+24][-2] They are absolutely beautiful.. Seems like those people who hate on Twice's visuals have never taken a look at their mirrors in their life..