Sunday, July 23, 2017

The question that gets divided opinions from daughters

'Would you marry someone like your father?'

What's your answer?

-I'm fine but sometimes, he can be really frustrating..ㅋㅋㅋ

-I would really love to marry someone like my father!! I love you, dad!!

-No.. I'd hate it so much..

-I would never marry someone like my father..

-I have no thoughts to get married in the future.. I prefer living alone, all by myself..

-No!! It's not that I hate my father, I just don't want to marry someone like him!

-I don't even want to get married..

-I love my dad as a father.. But he's just very different from my ideal type..

-I don't want to get married if I can't find someone like my father..

-I would prefer not getting married and live alone..

-I would hate it so much..ㅎㅎ My dad is a very good father, but not a very good husband..

-What..???? No..

-Nope.. My father doesn't take a good care of himself and I really hate men like that..

-That's the worst idea ever..

-No.. I like my father but just no..

-I don't know.. He's a very good father for his daughters, but not a very good husband for his wife..

-Why not..? But I have no thoughts on getting married, so yeah..