Tuesday, July 18, 2017


"They sound like kindergarten students.." Twice's pure and innocent live gets criticized by netizens

"유치원생 같다" 비난 받은 트와이스의 '순수한' 라이브 | 인스티즈
"유치원생 같다" 비난 받은 트와이스의 '순수한' 라이브 | 인스티즈
"유치원생 같다" 비난 받은 트와이스의 '순수한' 라이브 | 인스티즈
"유치원생 같다" 비난 받은 트와이스의 '순수한' 라이브 | 인스티즈
"유치원생 같다" 비난 받은 트와이스의 '순수한' 라이브 | 인스티즈

-I was really shocked to see their live performance.. Especially during the 'Knock knock knock' part, I feel like they're trying to sound cute there..

-The live version is actually quite fine.. It's just that the song doesn't suit to be sung with piano version..

-The pronunciation is a little bit severe..

-Honestly, I think I can do better..

-The Korean members' pronunciation is a little bit unclear so I always have to search up for the lyrics first in order to understand what they're singing.. 

-Jihyo and Jungyeon are quite fine, though?ㅎㅎ

-I was very shocked when I first heard it..

-Well, they indeed sound like kindergarten students..

-I don't know if they do it in purpose or not, but I seriously can't hear what they're singing about..

-They sound really unstable.. It's just my opinion, though..

-Okay, let's just say that their pronunciation is a little bit weird since they have some foreigner members.. But they're really bad at singing.. Jihyo and Nayeon are quite fine, though..

-It sounds fine, for me.. Am I the only one who thinks so?

-Please tell them to fix their pronunciation..ㅠㅠ

-Criticized..?? Pure and innocent..??

-I think they need to practice harder.. I'm really disappointed..

-I was very surprised because they have been singing it out of tune since the first verse..