Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Pann girls, what is something that you regret the most in your life?

I really regret getting a double eyelids surgery.

I got it done in 9th grade in winter and before I got it done, my friends used to tell me that I look like Choi Yoojung. But my double eyelids surgery made my double eyelids look very thick and not natural, my friends told me that the surgery didn't turn out well and the cuteness I used to have before has disappeared now..

The other kids often talk behind my back saying that how messed up my double eyelids are, it's just very stressful for me.. I can't help but always look down no matter where I go, I can't even make an eye contact with other people now..


1. [+247][-1] Hmm.. I just want to start over everything...

2. [+224][-1] I regret my whole life.. Why have I been living my life this way..

3. [+212][-7] I'm 40 years old and one thing that I want to tell to everyone in this post, it's not too late. You still haven't even lived a quarter of your life yet.. 'I want to start over everything' 'I want to start exercising' 'I want to start studying', do it now, it's not too late to start those things.. Do you want to start doing it once you turn 20? or 30? Do it now!! Have some strength, everyone!

4. [+71][-2]] I didn't study math at all in elementary school and now that I'm in middle school, I'm having a very hard time.. How could I not know any basics of math..

5. [+68][-1] I really regret for not taking the chances because I'm scared of trying new things, even when the chances were right in front of my nose..

6. [+62][-1] My teenage years is going to end soon and I still haven't done anything..

7. [+59][-5] I really regret hanging out with my boyfriend on the day before my dad passed away.. I didn't go to the hospital to see him because my mom told me I can go on the next day, but he passed away in the next morning.. Why couldn't I be a good daughter for him? I mean, it's really easy to go to the hospital, hold his hands, hug him, spend times with him and stuffs.. I still remember receiving call from my mom about how my dad passed away and I ran as fast as I could to grab a taxi to go to the hospital. That was the last time I held his hands, hugged him, talked to him, and expressed how much I loved him. Time heals, but I will never forget.. I probably would live the rest of my life with this broken heart..

8. [+54][-0] I really regret thinking 'I won't get fat just because I eat this..' and eat whatever I want..

9. [+50][-0] I really regret trying to fit in with my other friends when I clearly can't..

10. [+45][-1] I regret inviting a lot of my friends to my house in 5th grade and made my mom cooked ramen which they didn't eat at all..