Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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Hwasa wearing uniform..ㄷㄷㄷ

Mamamoo wore uniform as their stage outfits for Music Core.
Hwasa looked very outstanding with that uniform..ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

I can't stop admiring her, she looks very sexy with uniform..

She looks really cool, sexy, and charismatic at the same time..
Now I can see it clearer why people call her as the 'Marvel' vibe..

As if looking gorgeous everyday is not enough for her..
Shouldn't it be illegal for her to wear uniform????

I have nothing to say if she already looks this gorgeous in unedited pictures..
There will be no idols who can have the same auras like her..

She obviously looks really cool with full uniform, but seeing her with white shirt and necktie is already making my heart stop beating..ㅠㅠ

Hwasa-ya, can't you just wear this uniform in daily basis??
I thought she was already living her glorious days after she dyed her hair black, and now she's living her extra glorious days with the uniform..

And it's a fact that Hwasa wearing uniform becomes the hot topic in most of online communities these days..


1. [+93][-14] Nana, Hyuna, and Locco admits that they're her fan..ㅋㅋ There are a lot of junior singers admitting that they're a fan of some seniors singer, but not the way around.. Seems like she also looks really cool and sexy in other singers' eyes.. She's really sexy, I feel like I'm falling deeper for her even when she does nothing..

2. [+76][-12] Hwasa is very sexy and that's why she's really popular among the soldiers in military.. Especially during Decalcomanie era, she even appears in news paper and is very often mentioned in radio shows. Hwasa is always in the top of the list of sexy and healthy looking female idols..

3. [+67][-9] I am mesmerized by this picture, whoa..

4. [+58][-3] She has a really fascinating body.. Her thighs are thick, but her calves are really small..

5. [+55][-5] Hwasa is so freaking dope, whoa..

6. [+47][-2] Unnie, please arrest me..ㅠㅠ

7. [+45][-1] She has gotten so much prettier after growing her hair that long.. She has a really amazing aura..

8. [+36][-2] She looks really sexy and stunning..

9. [+31][-2] Whoa, damn.. Hwasa looks really fine with that uniform..

10. [+28][-2] She's not the type of person who will make you go 'OMG so freaking pretty!!' but she has this certain aura that just tells everyone that she's a celebrity, as if it's written on her face.. Look at how cool her poses are..