Saturday, July 1, 2017

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The profile of Idol School's member who resembles Jeon Somi, Jung Somi.

아이돌학교 전소미 느낌 나는 정소미 프로필 | 인스티즈
아이돌학교 전소미 느낌 나는 정소미 프로필 | 인스티즈
아이돌학교 전소미 느낌 나는 정소미 프로필 | 인스티즈
아이돌학교 전소미 느낌 나는 정소미 프로필 | 인스티즈
아이돌학교 전소미 느낌 나는 정소미 프로필 | 인스티즈

She has that Jeon Somi's vibes..

-Oh.. She really does look like Jeon Somi, with a little bit of Yura..

-I heard she's also birracial, just like Jeon Somi.. I just saw some posts about her, she seems to be a really nice person..

-She slightly looks like Kang Jiyoung..

-She's my friend's friend's older sister.. She is indeed really beautiful.. She's half-Russian, if I'm not mistaken!

-How old is she??

-Seems like all of Somis in this world are beautiful..

-Oh.. She slightly looks like Jeon Somi..

-It's just my personal opinion, but people are trying so hard to relate this show with Produce 101.. I've seen another posts saying about some girls from this show look like Yoojung, Doyeon, etc.. And now, it's Jeon Somi..

-She looks like Pristin's Siyeon in the first picture!

-The only similarity they have is their names..

-She really does slightly look like Jeon Somi.. They even have a similar name!

-I like her bracelet..

-She kinda reminds me of GFriend's Sowon, though?

-Conclusion: Both Jung Somi and Jeon Somi are equally pretty!

-I can't see the resemblance, but I have to admit that she's beautiful..

-That's my friend..ㅠㅠ
  -How is her personality in real life?
  -She has a really nice personality!! She's not only kind, but also easy-going!