Monday, July 31, 2017


The group who's going to have a comeback soon, but is not getting any f*cking promotions from their label

is Source Music Ent.

GFriend is going to have a comeback on August 1st, but Source Music has done no promotions at allㅠㅠ
GFriend succeeded in topping the searching ranks during Fingertip, Buddies proved it all..
But why aren't they promoting GFriend's upcoming comeback? Just why..
Don't they know how important it is for girl group to appeal the public..
Please promote them well.. Release articles about them..

August 1st, 6PM KST.
Please give GFriend's latest song, Love Whisper, a lot of attention!


1. [+81][-5] They used to be really strong when it comes to music charts, until Fingertip happened.. Is it because they're from a small company..?

2. [+54][-45] I'm not their fan, but I can always trust them when it comes to their music.. They have a solid vocal line..

3. [+37][-2] Seems like Source Music Ent. doesn't want to use their money at all.. Fans have been waiting for the teasers for a really comeback and once they finally released it, the teasers got leaked because of a certain show's next-week-preview.. And once they released a video, it became a hot issue in a lot of online communities.. People were questioning about their outfits. They should've given them accessories since they only gave the girls outfits that's only worth $10.. Girl groups out there are wearing branded outfits and fancy accessories, though..

4. [+27][-1] Isn't GFriend the money-maker in the company?? They basically help Source Music Ent. to stay alive;; Yet Source Music Ent. never does any proper promotions ahead their comeback, and always make the fans ask for the same thing: to give them something long to wear. See? They're going with short outfits again this time..ㅋㅋㅋ They have a lot of money coming to their bank account, they should use that.. Are they going to let those money rot??

5. [+20][-5] But I have a feeling that their upcoming song is going to be the most legendary song ever..ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+18][-1] Hul.. I just noticed this recently.. That's really severe.. I'm a boy group stan and GFriend is the girl group that I like the most..

7. [+15][-2] I'm really looking forward to their new song.. GFriend's unique girlish concept and refreshing auras.. I love them<3

8. [+14][-0] Where are all those money at? I can understand them for not properly promoting GFriend during Me Gustas Tu since they didn't have much money back then, but not now.. What's up with those tacky outfits..

9. [+13][-1] Please listen to Love Whisper a lot, once it's released on August 1st at 6PM KSTㅠㅠ<3

10. [+11][-0] They will effortlessly hit big since their upcoming song sounds great..