Monday, July 31, 2017


SM is seriously too cruel

I'm a fan of F(x) and I seriously think that SM is really cruel.
All of SM's artists are making their comebacks.. Is F(x) not from SM?
It has been months and there are still no signs about F(x) comeback..
I'm so f*cking annoyed..

The recent updates of Krystal and Amber's Instagram

What's the use of the members being close and taking care of each other..
SM, please take care of F(x) too.. Please..


1. [+239][-2] Vic Leader is not coming to Korea.. I'm really tired of seeing this kind of post here.. Are you really F(x)'s fan?? How could F(x) release an album when Victoria has no thoughts on coming back to Korea? SM is not even giving her some works to do in China..

2. [+170][-30] Get your facts straight.. SM already done their best for F(x), they gave Luna and Amber solo promotions.. They've already done their best..

3. [+156][-1] It's because Victoria keeps on doing promotions in China..

4. [+46][-3] What's with all the talks about Victoria? She said that she misses her fans, and judging by how she still keeps in touch with the other members, isn't it already enough to explain it all? And during SM Town, Luna only had one stage and wasn't even seen anywhere during the ending stage, and then she apologized to her fans for leaving earlier.. Don't put the blame on Victoria. It's true that SM doesn't push F(x), you can already see it from Amber's Instagram update..

5. [+26][-1] They can't have a comeback because of Victoria's solo promotions in China.. And Krystal is in the middle of shooting a drama..

6. [+25][-2] Frankly speaking, isn't it all because of Victoria? You'd know this if you were their real fan, why are you blaming SM..? I know that as a fan, you're really sad that F(x) has no group promotions lately. I am sad as well, but if you keep on blaming it all on SM, the images of MeU will get worse and it will affect F(x)'s image as well..

7. [+21][-1] Victoria has started doing promotions in China and the income she gets is probably bigger than her income with F(x).. On top of that, she has a big fame in China so why would she come back to Korea, which is a foreign land for her..?

8. [+17][-0] Tell SM to debut a sub-unit..

9. [+16][-1] I feel like F(x) hasn't been getting any comebacks because SM is too busy with Red Velvet's concept.. There are a lot of people who has been thinking since RV's debut that RV's title songs, even until their side-tracks, sound very F(x)-ish..

10. [+16][-0] Not a fan of F(x) but I really like it when the other members adore Krystal and even call her 'princess'ㅋㅋㅋㅋ