Sunday, July 9, 2017

Let's share the first album that we have ever purchased!

For me, it's Boa's Outgrow..ㅎㅎ

Including Kpop, Jpop, and Pop physical albums, I think I have around 300 physical albums at home now...

-Taeyeon's debut album..

-SHINee's Misconception of You..

-IU's Last Fantasy..

-Park Hyoshin's Gift (Part 1)

-Shinhwa's 4th album, 'Hey, Come On!'

-Taeyang's Solar..

-Linkin Park's album..

-Infinite's Over The Top

-Wonder Girl's The Wonder Years

-EXID's Ah Yeah..

-Bigbang's special edition..

-DBSK's Hug..

-Aaron Carter - Another Earthquake..ㅋㅋㅋ

-SNSD's Genie..

-Kim Sunggyu's first solo album..

-Seventeen's Love Letter..

-Kara's Pretty Girl..

-Boa's first album.. In tape form..

-I think it was DBSK's Hug..

-Epik High's 3rd album..

-SES's 2nd album..

-SHINee's debut album..

-CNBlue's 1st mini album..

-My Chemical Romance's 3rd album..

-UKISS' Only One..

-G.O.D's 3rd album.