Sunday, July 9, 2017

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Irene's bangs are killing her looks

Looks like the hairstylist messed it up, but she tried to back it up by calling it 'Onion Bangs'.

-It needs to go. So does the hairstylist.

-I don't think this will become a trend..

-She looks beautiful with it, though?

-The bangs don't look nice at all.. It doesn't suit Irene's face..

-Ah.. Please get rid of it, I beg you..

-What are those.. Don't use her beautiful face for your experiment..

-Her face saves the bangs..

-What.. I thought that was just a wig..

-Her eyebrows, though..

-She looks cute with it..

-Red Velvet's stylists are really something else..

-Isn't that just a wig? I hope she gets rid of that before the comeback..

-I'm not a fan of her bangs.. She looks so much more beautiful without it..

-I don't like it..ㅜ

-I like the bangs but not just everyone can suit those bangs.. Irene is one of them..

-Even Irene's face can't save the bangs..

-Her eyebrows are the real problem here..

-She looks sweet and cute with those bangs, though..?

-F*ck.. She still looks pretty even with those bangs..