Monday, July 10, 2017


Jessica mentioning SNSD's fanclub name

She said 'Turkish Sone" in that video.
Sone is SNSD's official fan club name, while Jessica's fan club name is Golden Star.
She's been getting divided opinions since then. Some people think it's fine for her to mention SNSD's official fan club name, and some think it's better for her to not mention it.

-She's just reading it because someone asked her to say hello..

-What does Turkish mean?

-I don't think she should've mentioned them in the first place..

-It's not like Sone has no relation at all with Jessica.. Why is she prohibited from mentioning Sone?

-It's probably just a mistake.. Anyway, she needs to be careful and both parties are better to not mention about each other for the time being..

-It's not like she always mention Sone in every live broadcast she does.. She was just reading the comments and maybe she accidentally read that out loud..

-I don't care if it's a mistake or not.. She really needs to be careful..

-I love both SNSD and Jessica.. But she needs to be careful because it's a really sensitive topicㅠㅠ

-She has her own fan club, why would she mention another group's fanclub in her own live broadcast?..ㅋㅋ

-I'm asking because I really don't know... Are they in a bad terms? I heard Jessica is still in SM, though?

-What..ㅋㅋ Watch the video first, guys. She was just reading some comments and unconsciously read that one out loud..

-Isn't it better for her to not mention it..

-Watch the full video first before you start blabbering in the comments section~~

-They need to be extra careful with everything since they are not in a good terms..

-It's normal to make mistakes, you people.. Ugh..

-Yes, it's a mistake. But it's not something harmful, so what's so wrong about that?