Friday, June 2, 2017


What are the factors that make you find a person is likeable?

I find a person is likeable when they're being really polite and well-mannered!
And also440 when they smell good!


1. [+440][-27] To be honest.. I find a person is likeable if they look handsome..

2. [+278][-7] I like people who are kind, smell good, and smile a lot..

3. [+177][-0] I like people who are not rude.. The people who would reply in a very friendly manner when I talk to them..

4. [+168][-4] I like people who don't cross the lines when they joke around.. Just as long as they do that, I find them likeable. I don't care about how they look, it doesn't matter.. And I personally like people who look good with glasses and also people who play piano really well..<3

5. [+142][-1] I really like well-mannered people..ㅠㅠ It just.. makes my heart flutter.. For example, when I wear a skirt and need to sit down somewhere then that person offers me his jacket to cover my legs..ㅠㅠ 

6. [+123][-2] I like people like Eric Nam! Manner is everything..

7. [+93][-29] I like people who don't act 'tough' and 'cool' or stuffs.. It's just so cringeworthy.. Oh, and I also like people who smile a lot!

8. [+82][-1] People with manner, obviously.. Small things matter a lot to me, for example: holding the door for me, etc.

9. [+64][-1] I like it when people hold the door for me, I don't care if they're men or women I just find it likeable..

10. [+41][-7] I like people who love babies..