Friday, June 2, 2017

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The order of top 35 trainees' heights from the shortest to tallest

(According to what's written on their profiles)

Lee Woojin

No Taehyun
Jang Moonbok
Ha Sungwoon

Seo Sunghyuk
Lee Euiwoong

Lee Daehwi

Park Woodam
Park Jihoon
Ahn Hyungsub
Takada Kenta

Kim Samuel
Park Woojin
Joo Haknyeon

Kang Dongho
Kim Yongguk
Kim Jaehwan
Bae Jinyoung
Yoon Jisung

Kim Yehyun
Kim Jonghyun
Jung Sewoon

Kim Taedong

Kim Sanggyun
Yoo Seonho
Choi Minki

Kim Donghyun
Ong Sungwoo

Kang Daniel

Kim Donghan
Lai Guan Lin
Lee Gunhee
Im Youngmin
Hwang Minhyun

Kwon Hyunbin


1. [+224][-12] The age difference makes my heart goes weak..ㅠㅠ Is it normal if my heart gets fluttered by things like this? Let me brag Yoo Seonho's height here since I've never seen anyone mentioning about how tall he is.. He's still 16years old and yet he's already this tall.. He'll reach 185 in no time..

2. [+198][-9] Yoo Seonho is only 16 years old and he's already 178cm tall.. Is this the real life..

3. [+179][-32] No one can beats him when it comes to height.. I'm happy now that he's starting to gain attention from netizens these daysㅠㅠ I pray for him to always be happy and to not have any reasons to cry at night.. Hyunbin-ah, it's okay if you don't get to debut through this show.. I'll be very happy for you if you get into the top 22, I'm not asking much from you, my loveㅠㅠ I'm rooting for you..

4. [+65][-7] Kang Dongho and Kim Yongguk have a really good body proportions.. I thought they were over 180cm..

5. [+60][-2] Guan Lin looks taller here, I think he's around 183~184!! 

6. [+51][-3] Kwon Hyunbin is driving me insane..

7. [+46][-3] Yoo Seonho is still young and he already looks this handsome.. I'm looking forward to his future..

8. [+45][-2] I think Seonho has reached 180cm judging from this picture.. Anyway, look at Ong Sungwoo's body proportion here..

9. [+44][-4] Whoa.. Ong Sungwoo is a little bit shorter than I thought.. I guess he looks taller because he has a really good body proportion.. And on top of that, he has a really small face;;

10. [+41][-3] He might be 178cm tall but he looks like a baby in front of foodㅋㅋㅋㅋ He looks so small when he sits..ㅋㅋㅋ