Monday, June 26, 2017

These things will prove that South Korea is a very safe country

You can go out late at night safely

별 거 아닌거 같은데 우리나라가 치안 좋다는 증거 | 인스티즈
You can leave expensive things (Phone, laptop, wallet, etc) on your table to go to the restroom. 

It's nothing big, but these things can't happen in unsafe countries.

-You can even leave your precious things inside your car without having to worry about it..

-I agree with the second one..ㅋㅋ

-Yeah.. You can even leave your bag to save your seat while you're ordering a menuㅋㅋ

-I often leave my bag in the library or cafes for hours to save my seat and it's still there when I come backㅋㅋ

-Hul.. But still, I will never be able to leave my phone or bag in public places..ㅠㅠ Am I too sensitive?

-Huk.. I've never done the second one, though..

-True.. Our country is safer than most of the other countries..

-Well, I always check if there was any CCTVs around me before leaving expensive things on my table to do something else..

-My older brother lives in Australia and he once went to a library and left his phone on his desk to find some books and once he came back, his phone was already gone..

-It's because there are a lot of CCTVs in our country..

-That's true.. I was so shocked when I went to Europe for a vacation and realized how different it is with South Korea..

-I can't relate to the first one.. It depends on the neighborhood..

-I can relate to the second one, but as a woman I can't relate to the first one..

-I can't relate to the first one as a woman..

-I agree that South Korea is a really safe country..