Monday, June 26, 2017

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The size of Wanna One Jisung's head

충격적인 프로듀스 101 윤지성 머리 크기.jpg | 인스티즈


-It's because we need to see pretty things in bigger size..

-Please just stop.. Seriously..

-He looks cute~~ At least his face is smaller than mine!! I love Jisung<3

-Seems like it's your first time seeing someone with big head..? Jisung is cute, though<3

-What's wrong with the size of his head?

-Please stop writing mean posts about his visuals..

-I'm asking because I really don't know.. What's wrong with the size of his head?

-Whoa.. He has a really nice nose.. Jisung, let's hit big!

-His head is not big at all..

-So what..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please stop bothering Jisung!!!

-Leave Yoon Jisung alone..

-Do you have any mirrors? Please buy one if you don't..

-I don't care whether if his head big or not.. I've never heard of foreigners making a big fuss out of somebody's head, this only happens in our country..

-So what if his head is big..?

-Is that considered big..? Isn't that just.. average?

-Here you go again.. When will people stop bothering Jisung..

-What's so wrong with having a big head?