Sunday, June 18, 2017


The teaser that Idol School released today

Mnet.. Are you crazy.. Please stop..
Every teenagers in South Korea will become an idol at this rate..

-Seriously, though.. Just stop..

-It looks weird.. I mean it..

-What in the world is this..

-I seriously hate this..

-I swear I'm never gonna watch this.. I can't endure anymore heart break after watching Produce 101

-Whoa.. There are just.. a lot of them..

-It looks terrifying.. 

-Mnet sure doesn't know when to stop..

-Not going to watch this~

-I hope people won't watch this and Mnet finally realizes that they need to stop doing this kind of show.. They took it way too far..

-Everyone is becoming idols except for me..

-I won't watch it even if I die..

-Mnet.. Stop it.. Stop it!!!!

-I don't know why, but it looks interesting to me..

-Ugh.. I'm sick of this..

-They're going to air this show and air another season of Produce 101 next year?