Sunday, June 18, 2017


What is the wisest thing your teachers have ever said to you?

For me, my Korean language teacher once didn't give us any exercise about poetry, which was the subject that we were currently studying about at that time. So we asked her, why didn't she give us any exercise or homework and she said "It doesn't make any sense for us to conclude the writer's deep emotions, that they poured into their poems, with words".. It was so f*cking cool..ㅜㅜ


1. [+149][-2] I'm sorry, I'm already in my 20s, I can't remember anything that my teachers have said..ㅠㅠ Instead, I will write down a motto for you all to live by.. "Never compare myself to other people. It's comparing my behind the scenes to their highlight reel" That's what Taylor wrote on her letter to her fan who was about to commit suicide..

2. [+148][-72] This is what I've learned about the social life in school.. "Don't hate other people for spreading your secrets. Hate yourself for not keeping your own secrets"

3. [+147][-2] My chemistry teacher once said "I was a CCC (Campus Couple Cutter) back then in college"

4. [+89][-1] My teacher once said, "Be a human first before you dare to talk about human rights"

5. [+58][-2] My P.E Teacher: Your butt will be really big if you immediately sit after running..

6. [+42][-3] My friends and I were in the middle of taking our year book picture and my teacher said "Don't blame the cameraman if your picture come out ugly in the year book, blame your own face"

7. [+37][-0] My teacher's comment when he saw my exam result: "You're f*cked up.."

8. [+28][-0] Where do all these people go to school..

9. [+25][-0] The fact that all of you manage to sit down at school for 14 hours is already amazing..

10. [+23][-0] My math teacher once said, "Do anything you want, you won't starve to death because you're doing what you're passionate in"